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Homecoming Supplies »

We are one stop shopping for your homecoming supplies!  We have silk mums in all sizes and colors as well as sports themed trinkets that can be put on a chain and worn to show team support.  Ribbons, drapes and garlands are available to pep up that pep rally.  View our online brochure to see what we have available.

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Fall Containers »

J & E Wholesale Floral has a selection of containers suitable for those fall arrangments.  We have baskets in all sizes and shapes, glass vases in a variety of colors and unique flower pots.

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Crystals & Glass »

Our crystals and glass collection is very elegant yet affordable.  See what we have to offer in the online flyers below.

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2014 Prom / Wedding »

We have a complete product line of items to make your 2014 prom or wedding unforgettable.  See our online brochures and be amazed at what we offer.

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Silks/Permanents »

See our beautiful selection of permanent (aka silk) bushes for Spring and everyday. They are so life-like you'll need to touch them to see if they are real!

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Christmas Greens »

Wow, is it Christmas already?  Don't be late getting your order placed.  We offer beautiful, true to life Christmas greenery like no other.  Spruce or cedar, wreaths, swags or bushes, we have it all!

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Christmas Plants »

View the selection of Christmas plants we have to offer.

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